Here’s a little about some of our speakers at the 2018 Conference.

Chad Graham

Chad, a very talented 16 year old motocross rider, was involved in a serious accident whilst practising in April 2007.
The accident resulted in a dislocated neck, leaving Chad a C5/C6 incomplete quadriplegic.
Chad was instilled with a steely determination to achieve as much as he could for himself, to endeavour to overcome all personal obstacles in a positive way and also, to try and assist others impacted by similar circumstances to himself.

‘ROLL 101’ is a charity based trust set up by Chad Graham and his supporters to provide assistance to young people affected by chronic or terminal illness or by catastrophic injuries.

Read more: Roll 101


Loretta Martin

For the first three years Loretta juggled working and looking after her husband, utilising various services available to her to care for him.
During that time she developed the understanding, skills and knowledge on disability to evolve into a carer’s role. After three years of assessing the situation on managing her husband part time, Loretta realised the time had come to embrace the role of caring for him fulltime.

Alison Beauchamp

Dr Alison Beauchamp is a social epidemiologist, with a focus on the equitable provision of health service interventions. A key focus of her research is health literacy. Currently she is a Senior Research Fellow and and Medical Research Future Fund NHMRC Translational Research into Practice (TRIP) Fellow with the Department of Medicine-Western Health, University of Melbourne, and the Australian Institute for Musculoskeletal Science (AIMSS). Within the TRIP Fellowship, Dr Beauchamp will evaluate a process for implementing a clinical communication method called “teach-back”.

Prof Kon Mouzakis

Professor Kon Mouzakis is a Professor of Software and Technology Innovation at Deakin University.
He is Decision Support and Software Development expert with over 30 years of experience. Prior to his appointment as Director of the Deakin Software and Technology Innovation Lab (DSTIL) in 2016, Kon was the Director of the Swinburne Software Innovation Lab (formally known as the Information Technology Innovation Group) for over 20 years.